The Howling – All Hail Mega Force

(The Tapeworm Cassette, 2022 – Order your copy HERE)

Worm Food Delivery

(The Tapeworm Cassette, 2021)

Rec And Ruin EP

(The Fog Signals 7″ lathe / Download, 2020)

Volt Face EP

(Buried Treasure 7″ lathe / Download, 2020)

Howlround And Merkaba Macabre – Cantor Dust And Monster Curve

(Psyché Tropes 7″ lathe / Download, 2020)


(7″ lathe, 2020 – 3 copies only for Resonance FM Fundraiser)

The Debatable Lands

(Touch LP/Download, 2018 – Order your copy HERE)

Seriously wild – Electronic Sound

A Forest Mighty Blue / Pippa (Night And Fog)

(7″ lathe, 2019 – 3 copies only for Resonance FM Fundraiser)

Various Artists  A Creak Retimed

(Psyché Tropes LP/Download, 2018)

Marta De Pascalis / Howlround  Split

(The Wormhole LP/Download, 2018)

St. John On Bethnal Green / Just 4 U, West Malling

(7″ lathe, 2018 – 3 copies only for Resonance FM Fundraiser)

A Creak In Time 

(Psyché Tropes LP/Download, 2017 – Order your copy HERE)


Not Unlike Brian Eno Remixing György Ligeti – Electronic Sound 
Image and sound alike point to some unfathomable oceanic bleakness – The Wire
A cinematic triumph of style and substance – Wallpaper* Magazine

Time Attendant / Howlround  The Blow Volume 2 

(Front And Follow Cassette/Download, 2016)


Tales From The Black Tangle

(The Fog Signals LP/Download, 2015)


Torridon Gate

(A Year In The Country CD/Download, 2014 /

The Fog Signals LP, 2015)


Brighthelm Extract

(Touch Radio, Download, 2014)


Secret Songs Of Savamala

(The Fog Signals LP/Download, 2013)


The Ghosts Of Bush

(The Fog Signals LP/Download, 2012)

The Ghosts Of Bush

Appearances Elsewhere: 

‘Vile Input’ 

(Various – Diary Of A Madman, The Dark Outside/Biblio Tapes Cassette/Download, 2022)


‘A Slow Cancellation’ / ‘A Failure Of Absence’

(Various – Hauntology In UK, Eighth Tower Records CD/Download, 2022)

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is hauntology-in-uk.jpeg

‘Worms Eye’ / ‘Rec And Ruin’

(Various – Octocorallia (Buried Treasure CD/Download, 2021)

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is octocorallia-cover-art.jpeg

‘The New Obsolescents – ‘Glass Sphere (Refired)’

(Various – The Isolation Tapes (Compact Disc Edition), Castles In Space CD/Download, 2020)

‘Insula Acid’

(Various – Touch:Isolation, Subscription Download Series, 2020)

‘Thrown Open Wide’

(Various – The Quietened Journey, A Year In The Country, CD/Download, 2019)

‘Cloven Stone’

(Various – N16 9ES ‘Three Years Of Dronica’, psuedomagica CD, 2019)

‘Crypt Of Saint John’ and ‘Peck In The Crown’

(Various – Witchcraft &  Black Magic In The United Kingdom,

Eighth Tower Records CD/Download, 2019)


(Various – XYZ: An ABC Of The Tapeworm As Mixed By Dale Cornish,

The Tapeworm Cassette, 2019)


(Various – Echoes And Reverberations, A Year In The Country,

CD/Download, 2019)

‘Heavy Works’

(Various – Musicity x Culture Mile, Cassette/Geo-located Stream, 2019)

‘The Winter Dream Of Novels Oak’

(Various – The Watchers, A Year In The Country,

CD/Download, 2019)

‘Middle Gelt’

(Various – Warwick Bazaar 2018, Treehouse Orchestra Recordings,

Download, 2019)

‘A Closed Circuit’

(Various – The Quietened Mechanisms, A Year In The Country,

CD/Download, 2018)

‘Cold Kissing’

(Various – Audio Albion, A Year In The Country,

CD/Download, 2018)

‘East Tower Stairwell Gathering (Alternate Edit)’

(Various – Lessons, Front And Follow, 2CD/Download, 2017)

‘Untitled (080417 Demo 4)’

(Various – A Can Of Worms, The Tapeworm, Cassette, 2017)

‘Night Call, Collect’

(Various – The Quietened Cosmologists, A Year In The Country,

CD/Download, 2017)

‘Bush Fountains VIP’

(Various – Trade And Distribution Almanac Volume Five,

ADAADAT, CD, 2016)


‘Flying Over A Glassed Wedge’

(Various – The Quietened Village, A Year In The Country,

CD/Download, 2016)

Quietened Village Teaser

‘Battle Tape – Fragment – 10.02.16’

(Various – 23 Minutes, 23 Tracks, 23 Artists, Eastville Vending, MiniCD/Download, 2016)


‘Cradle Cheat’

(Various – The Delaware Road, Buried Treasure, CD/Download, 2015)


Running On Air -‘Heartless Remix’

(Appears on the album More Than Machine Remixes, Running On Air Music, CD/Download, 2017)

‘Rapid (Howlround Follows Them Down Remix)’

(Devon Loch – Sleepscale, Kit Records, Bonus Download with LP, 2015)


‘Wing to Wing’

(Various – Archaeology, Running On Air, CD, 2014)


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