New Album ‘Trespass And Welfare’ Arrives July 29th On Buried Treasure

Containing ’12 semi-controlled bursts of hypnotic tape mulch, molten techno loops & asynchronous machine noise’, Howlround’s eighth studio album Trespass And Welfare is now available to pre-order from Buried Treasure Records, ahead of its release on July 29th 2022. Strictly limited edition CD with beautiful artwork in a cardboard slipcase complete with 20 page booklet of artwork and even a coaster, so you don’t spill your tea when the opening track blasts out the speakers. It’s even more beautiful than I dared hope! There are only 100 copies in existence and sales have proved pretty brisk already, three weeks ahead of the release date, so it’s advisable not to sleep on this one. Click here to order your copy.

A full blown sonic assault […] Recorded entirely using closed-input feedback – two tape machines, a UHER6000 and a Revox B77, simultaneously recording a mixture of themselves and each other – no samples, no synths, no pedals + once you know that, listening is properly mind-blowing.

Neil Mason, Moonbuilding

An elasticated whir-secting jive full of wording impressions, aural Rorschach blots that with every listen mysteriously reconfigure.

Michael Rodham-Heaps, Freq

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