Isolation And Rejection Vol. 4 – Exclusive New Track

Very proud to have a track included on the latest instalment of Front & Follow’s Isolation And Rejection series of download compilations. ‘Sonic Hors Funk Job’ appears alongside contributions from old friends Revbjelde, Pulselovers, Runningonair, Kepier Widow… the list goes on. As with the previous three volumes, all proceeds  are going to The Brick in Wigan – ‘a fantastic charity on the front line of supporting those most in need, seeking to address the inequalities across our country exacerbated by COVID-19, but there all along’. Think this might just be our finest track this year – and for a worthy cause too. So far these compilations have raised almost £2000, which is fantastic work. And I’m relibably informed that Volume 5 isn’t too far off either. Bravo to the Justin and the F&F team – and to massive amount of noise-making talent that have donated tracks for free. All four volumes can be found at – and I’m reliably informed there is quite a bit more where those came from…

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