What Is MSCTY?

WHAT IS MSCTY? from MSCTY on Vimeo.

Absolutely delighted to have been asked to soundtrack the new MSCTY new promotional video, directed by Tim Iloobia and commissioned to promote the work of Nick Luscombe’s multi-limbed agency exploring the interplay between sound, space and architecture across the globe. I believe he’s thrilled to bits with the results – as am I!

Regular followers to these irregular tape loop updates may recall that I made a contribution to MSCTY’s project exploring various locations around The Barbican complex a couple of years ago, along with several other artists including Emma-Kate Matthews and the sadly departed Kassia Flux. All of those tracks can be found here – or indeed by visiting the actual locations themselves if you happen to be into geo-caching?!

I do hope that I’ll be working with Cinema Iloobia again before long. In the meantime, Tim’s website and an impressive catalogue of work can be found here. I think this one might just be my favourite:

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