Sounds Of Old-Skull Hardcore – Presenting New Album ‘Worm Food Delivery’

Absolutely chuffed to bits to be announcing the official release of Howlround’s seventh studio album Worm Food Delivery, now available through that bastion of delightful cassette-based noise, The Tapeworm. Blessed with original cover art by the great and redoubtable Ken Hollings, the contents of the tape prove to be no less incendiary, with two side-long tracks of blistering noise that have already been described by as GABBAUDRILLARD – literally the newest and best genre name ever!

Both sides were recorded in one take during lockdown 2020 and feature no edits, overdubs or additional FX. Mastered by the genius that is Steven McInerney, one side is the sound of a wineglass being blasted into oblivion over and over, while the other is a slice of closed-input Techno squelch, created by pointing two reel to reel machines together and stepping well back. The results are so explosive that when I placed a loaf of my Dad’s home-made soda bread on top of the album (for reasons that are now obscure to me but made sense at the time), the resemblance to a mushroom cloud was undeniable. Coincidence? I think not!

Seriously, I’m so happy with how this has turned out, so huge thanks to my team of A1 trusted advisors – Philip Marshall, Ken Hollings and Steven McInerney – a pleasure to work with as always. There are also three other additions to the Tapeworm cannon this week, so I suggest heading over to the Bandwurm Minimart and just doing whatever feels natural. In short:


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