Ritual And Resistance Retrospective

Thanks so much to everyone who came down to New Zealand Farm Camp in deepest Wiltshire and made The Delaware Road: Ritual And Resistance such a storming success. Barely stopped smiling all weekend and Howlround’s first ever collaborative set with Merkaba Macabre in the Psyché Tropes ‘Stone Tent’ was absolutely banging and brought the house down (not literally – MOD buildings are by definition very sturdy).

There are an awful lot of people I need to thank, starting with Buried Treasure supremo Alan Gubby. for having the vision and the grit to bring this disparate collective of labels, artists, performers and DJs together in the middle of nowhere and pulling off the most spectacular night of the year. Victoria for the above video and thse wonderful photographs (plus many more besides), Steven McInerney for bringing the whole Psyché Tropes room together, our endlessly cheery, accommodating and unflappable technical crew Billy Pleasant and Henrique Mattias, Hanzo on visuals, fellow performers Mark Vernon, A’Bear, Sculpture and of course whoever it was that remembered to bring beer. The room looked and sounded fantastic and was packed out all night. Very proud to have been part of such a fantastic team! My biggest regret was just how many other performances by friends and comrades I was forced to miss, but some of the other highlists on offer can be found by perusing both Bob Fischer’s Haunted Generation site and also DJ Food’s blog, both of whom have provided more in-depth reports of happenings elsewhere in the festival and plenty of additional photographs. Now, when’s the next one?!

DJ Food and Steve Davis

Found this randomly on my phone the following morning

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