A Midsummer Night’s Happening

Thanks to everyone who came to down to A Midsummer Night’s Happening, presented by Ghost Box and Trunk Records at The state51 Factory in Shoreditch. A fantastic evening full of great music, visuals, food, drink and friendship. Plus an absolute honour to perform alongside Steve Beresford using original unreleased tapes from the archive of legendary pioneering composer Basil Kirchin, complete with his own hand-written liner-notes! Thanks to Jonny Trunk for trusting me with such precious cargo. Bob Fischer has written a review of the event on his blog The Haunted Generation, so I’ll leave the explanations to him and just tantalise you with some shorts of the Kirchin reels. Can you imagine what a ‘Barking Obligato’ might sound like? For the time being you’ll have to, but hopefully these tapes will see the light of day again at some point in the future. Fingers crossed…

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