Radio Activity

Thanks to everyone who came down to Radio Activity and to Palace Electrics for having us! An absolutely splendid evening of one-off performances, including Howlround’s ‘evisceration of a popular rap merchant LL Cool J (here re-dubbed LL Spool J, which I thought was hilarious but sadly cut no dice with anyone else). It all came together quite well, in spite of Daphne being suddenly taken out of action at the last moment. She’s currently in Queen’s Park undergoing emergency surgery and we’re all hoping she has a speedy recovery. She’s the workhorse of the Howlround team and she has a busy summer lined up! Here she is with her bits exposed:

Poor old girl. Anyway, I’ll leave you with these fabulous pictures of the event taken by John Barrett. Palace Electrics is turning into a major force for good in South London and I’m hoping they’ll be many more events to come in the near future. And I’m not just saying that because my gear weighs a tonne!

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