Update: Bidding has now closed and we’re delighted to announce that the Howlround 7″ singles raised a whopping £306.56!! And all going to help keep Resonance FM on air! Thanks so much for all the geneorous bidding and remember that you can still make a much-needed donation at Fundraiser.Resonance.FM

Presented for your delectation, Howlround’s contribution to the 2018 Resonance FM Fundraiser: a super-limited edition 7″ single containing two unreleased and exclusive tracks pressed onto clear vinyl with full colour labels by our friends at, who have very kindly donated their time and facilities for free. There are three copies of this single in existence and that’s all – no represses, no reissues and no digital. Which is actually a bit of a shame for everyone else, as both of these tracks are killer!

You’ll be able to hear a brief extract for the first and the last time on Resonance this coming Saturday afternoon: Dexter Bentley are playing the A-side on The Hello Goodbye Show at noon (or sometime thereabouts), and Howlround Chief Strategist Robin The Fog will play the B-side later while presenting The OST Show in Jonny Trunk’s absence. At the time of writing only four people have heard that second track – and one of them was Dan, who cut the thing!

Each of the 7″s can be found on the Resonance FM Ebay page by either clicking one of the three images on this post or by pointing your browser here, here or here; so you have three chances to win yourself a copy. All proceeds go straight to the 2018 Resonance FM Fundraiser, which this year is attempting to raise a much-needed £100,000 to enable the station to continue their programme of unique and experimental broadcasting while being forced to seek out new premises. In summary then, your chance to own a rare and piece of Howlround Hiss-story and, be the envy of all your friends and do your bit to keep the greatest community arts radio station in the world on air. A highly desirable item and a thoroughly worthy cause:


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