Lessons – Front And Follow Celebrate 10 Years

‘There’s yet more reverb-drenched spookiness from the reel-to-reeling fluctuations of Howlround, whose eeriness quotient here is superbly vibrant and redolent, magnetic tape spooling endlessly into outer space on waves of glorious multi-timbral feedback that devours itself in thunderously looped applause. 

Richard Fontenoy, The Quietus

Delighted to present a brand new Howlround track as part of the double CD compilation Lessons from our friends at Front And Follow. The Manchester label is celebrating 10 years and 50 releases (including The Blow vol. 2, our 2016 split cassette with Time Attendant)  with a bumper double CD album featuring 25 tracks by the likes of Leyland Kirby, Pye Corner Audio, Kemper Norton, Ekoplekz and Laura Cannell to name but a few. The compilation is now available for pre-order here, and you can find out more by perusing this article from The Quietus and enjoying the video teaser below. Can’t wait to get our hands on this one!


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