Back To The Bunker – The Delaware Road Reviewed

Please enjoy these photos taken by Pete Woodhead (colour) and Victoria Hastings (b/w) of the recent performance by Howlround (and many others) at The Delaware Road event at Kelvedon Hatch Secret Nuclear Bunker. An audio-visual, multi-sensory experience months in preparation, meticulously planned and taking over the entire complex of operations rooms, dormitories, offices and sick bays with a psychedelic extravaganza of sound and image buried deep within a remote Essex hillside. Also including performances by Teleplasmiste, Loose Capacitor, Twelve Hour Foundation, Simon James, DJ FoodRadionics Radio and many more. 

The event was nothing short of a triumph, with the bunker completely sold out and packed to the rafters with revellers excitedly exploring the surroundings. And with strange sounds and images penetrating ever corner of this most shadowy relic of all-too-recent history, all presided over by the Churchill-like figure of  Dolly Dolly at the helm to tie all the strands together, a truly memorable time was had by all. Visit DJ Food’s blog for a more in-depth review and extra photos. And stay tuned for future events by visiting The Delaware Road’s Facebook page.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Robin The Fog (right) and David from Loose Capacitor pull sinister faces at a map. Photo by Victoria Hastings


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