Sounds Revolten – Broadcasting Live From Germany

In what proved to be a rather whirlwind week, Howlround travelled to the German town of Halle to take part in Radio Revolten, a month-long project of experimental broadcasts, performances, workshops and installations taking place in the city throughout October. We contributed two separate live sessions, both made entirely from tape loops of short-wave radio recordings sourced locally. The above extract is taken from a marathon ninety-minute session live from the Revolten studio, which ended up taking over every inch of floor space and required extensive tidying once we’d finished.


The previous evening we had performed in the adjoining Revolten concert space to a packed house alongside legendary percussionist Chris Cutler and electronics whizz Víctor Mazón Gardoqui. The good folk of Radio Revolten have uploaded the broadcast in full for your enjoyment below and you can read a review of the performance by the artist Gabi Schaffner (who also took some of these amazing photos) here 


“Some of [the loops] recalled recordings made underwater, some howled like FM tones, some just hovered under your active awareness like a foggy notion. Close to the end of the concert a series of „standing waves“ piled up, slowly, one after another, and collapsed in slow motion … a showdown of acoustic phantoms reeling in epical dissolution.”


howround-at-revolten2 howround-at-revolten3

Thanks once again to Knut, Sarah and the Radio Revolten team for having us – and lending us a spare office to cut loops in! Thanks must also go to Glenn Boulter and Full Of Noises for making it all happen and to Mary Stark, Jim Xentos and Mark Vernon for being splendid and fascinating company as ever. Radio Revolten continues broadcasting on FM, AM and online until the end of the month, so do tune in… revolten-office

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