Strøm Festival – 10.08.15

Strom Poster

A study in alluring scary

Huge thanks to our friends at Strøm and to everyone who came down to Robin The Fog‘s sold-out performance at the Cisternerne (and to his sound-recording workshop on a converted dredging boat the following day). An incredible space with a 17-second natural reverb, that we hope to give the full album treatment at some point in the not-too-distant future. Until then, here’s some photos by Rasmus Kongsgaard together with some snappy sound-bites derived from running the article they came from through Google Translate:

It is electronic music of the most radical and uncompromising kind that is in the centre at tonight Power-event

Soundvenue-cisternerne-done-7This is the third time that flow invades our toilet flushes matter and there is no doubt that it is a unique attraction, it is worth journey far after. There is no anywhere other than exactly here that these works may be noticed in this way. There’s nowhere else you can stand underground and fall in spell over a flickering candle while vaulting around you is echoing with issue noise from another world.
Soundvenue-cisternerne-done-9Distorted locomotive whistle, deep roar that could evoke an imam fair and elongated, umelodiøse soundscapes instantly puts the listener in a state of alluring scary. For although it is extremely difficult to get hold of the sonic bursts that puts both eardrums and stalactites in swings, and most of all sounds like the soundtrack to a dystopian sci-fi nightmare, it’s impossible not to be drawn into . There is no rhythm or anything resembling regular melodies, and near some basudladninger from time to time made the hour-long session almost just by manipulating real sounds.


An amazing festival – hope we get invited back!


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