‘OH’ and ‘XPYLON’

Presenting for your approval our first ever promo video and the unveiling of brand new track ‘OH’, produced in collaboration with abandoned playground aka US musician and fellow tape enthusiast Ray Carmen. The track is created entirely from microcassette recordings made by Ray in the 1990s – of his infant daughter, chimes in the park and distant train sirens, and as soon as we heard them it quickly became apparent that they were crying out for the Howlround treatment. Speaking of which, the video is dedicated to the recently-deceased inventor, polymath and TV presenter Bob Symes, for reasons that should be apparent to anyone aware of the great man and his work.

We’re also very pleased to reveal that an edited version of the track features on a brand new charity compilation XPYLON, released on August 5th and also featuring Kemper Norton, Cindy Talk, Time Attendant, Dolly Dolly, Ekoplekz alter-ego Gloria Gloucestershire and side-projects by members of Hacker Farm and Band Of Holy Joy – all artists released by or associated with the now sadly-defunct record label and radio show Exotic Pylon. 100% of proceeds from the sale of this compilation will be donated to mental health charity Mind, so it’s a worthy cause as well as a thoroughly stimulating listen. Pre-order your copy here.


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