Howling Into The Freakier Zone

This vine video of Howlround back in the lab for one final crack at finishing the new LP caused much excitement on Twitter over the weekend, so we thought you’d appreciate a re-appraisal. Look closely and you’ll count four machines in use simultaneously, with tension and restraint being provided in the absence of a mic stand by Buddah, the handlebars of Robin’s bike, a pint glass full of small chang and one ‘Stockhausen Syndrome’ mug. A ridiculously fun time was had by all.

A number of surprisingly effusive people have already contacted us enquiring just what kind of composition were we cooking up with such a glorious tangle of tape and when would they be able to hear the results? Well, sooner than you might think as it happens as Robin The Fog will be doing a turn on Stuart Maconie’s Freakier Zone on BBC Radio 6 Music this coming Saturday evening. He’ll be discussing the relationship between music and foley, which is of course PURE HOWLROUND TERRITORY and playing an exclusive extract from the fruits of this session,  a work so new it hasn’t even been finished yet! Join us there, won’t you?6MusicRoundel

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