Howlround MK 2 – Into The Woods We Go

Please enjoy a brief audio extract from Howlround’s first gig for several months (and our last UK gig for 2014) at the Beacons Festival, Skipton, Yorkshire 09.08.14.  A particularly special occasion as it marked the debut outing for our vastly more portable new live sound-system!

Howlround by Matt Colquhoun

Photo by Matt Colquhoun

“…[Howlround were] by far one of the strangest sets of the weekend as well as being one of the highlights […] uncanny, mesmerising, difficult and sublime. Utilising vintage reel to reel tape decks, Weaver manipulates physical loops of tape that Robin feeds into the machines. The utterly indescribable sound however is lent extra gravitas through the almost theatrical physical requirements of the performance. There are giant loops of tape hanging everywhere and the delicacy and intricacy of handling them lends the set an overwhelmingly eerie atmosphere. Howlround live is a séance – the act of channelling rendered in physical form. Suitably sonically infected, the night takes on strange shapes and you sit down with new friends knowing that this is exactly what a festival should be about”. The Quietus

Howlround Live Mk2

Hope you enjoy our new direction. It’s pretty much like our old direction. But at half the speed.

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